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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our Gabrielites website.


I invite you to join us in our OBA activities.  Together, let us gather and rekindle the camaraderie and esprit-de-corps as a Gabrielite family.


Welcome home my fellow Gabrielites.


Mr. Henry Phang, OBA President



This is a Clarion call to all Gabrielites who have passed to the portals of St Gabriel's since 1953 to join hands together and to feel the warm affiliation we still all have deep-down in our hearts ever since we have entered the holy precincts of St Gabriel.

I have been blessed to be associated with St. Gabriel's since 1954. From day one and until today, my strong links with the generations of students, teachers, principals and other helpers especially the old boys and the parents' associations have given me a sense of belonging which I would never, for any reasons whatever, want to severe... read more

Bro. Emmanuel, Supervisor of Gabrielite Schools